Monday, May 9, 2011

Floor Saga, Week Two: DANGER WILD WOMEN inside

So over the weekend we played refugees' and left the house totally.  Mr. Rocky McDogDog went to the spa and we camped out at the new Cambria Suites at "Polaris, Centers of Commerce and Fashion."  Sounds impressive, eh?

Actually we did a lot of shuttling between the house and the hotel, which we were genuinely impressed with - everything was nice and shiny and new, well appointed, comfy and surprising spacious.  After a week packed like sardines up on the second floor of our small house, the husband and I could be in the same room with one and other. 

This sudden spaciousness created a new host of problems. 

Instead of the wiggling our way through the rabbit warren of paths and squeeze past boxed posessions that belong on the first floor- it was so tight we were unable to even eat in the same room (he ate in his home office, I ate in mine, but we could sleep in the same bed) - we sat in the suite's lounge area and looked at one and other from afar.  

Yes, we were in the same room (hooray) and could re-accustomed ourselves with each other, but we did it while sitting in different parts of the room nursing our bruised concepts of personal space.  Not that we don't like each other - in fact we're still ga-ga for each other after 14 years. But try spending a week in your house with only two rooms accessible and little tiny paths between points and then being thrust into unlcuttered splendor - it creates the most interesting of conflicts.

We agreed that after living with all that clutter and being unable to find anything that we could normally just find at the drop of a hat when things are put away, we have a new respect for hoarders and a new understanding of their plight.  The respect is all about how they can live with that crap around; the understanding is how all that crap laying around drives them mad.  We simply don't know who they do it!

Anyway, back at the Cambria suites in the TOWER ROOM (yours for a modest up-charge, and offering superior privacy and spaciousness), next door to ours, something completly different was happening: 

The seen of the crime, and why were we not invited?

I think that the kicky crime scene tape warning us to USE EXTREME CAUTION...BACHELORETTE  PARTY IN PROGRESS and DANGER: WILD WOMEN was a portend of the night to come.

Alas, there were no male strippers running through the halls, or drunken cat fights to watch.  If nothing else, we slept well.  It must have been a Mormon bachelorette party with devotional readings because it was really calm.  Yes, we awoke refreshed, but we also felt cheated. 

Sunday we went to Mother's final resting place and planted a geranium (hot pink and magenta) on her grave.  I also planted the same on her mother's grave (Grandma), on her sister in law's grave (Aunt Anita), on her grandmother's grave, her great Aunt Eva's grave and her great grandmother's grave. I think for this year, come Memorial Day we'll add more.

And yesterday Zane the Magnificent laid the final coat of finish on the floor and reader, it is STUNNING.  So we move us back in this morning. Now I have to invest in a air purifier and that the husband and I have to dust and washing everything down, because I am hacking up sawdust dust. Ick. 

I'll post pictures when we're done.


  1. Not one male stripper?!! How unfair!!! :(

  2. @tigerchanter: The bride to be, I'm sure, felt cheated.