Friday, May 6, 2011

Floored, The Saga Continues: Week 2 begins.

When we last left Cookie and his dashing husband, there were hopes that the floor in their 1916 house would soon be done (que the soap opera organ):

Me: So when will it be finished and we can walk on it?

Zane, the Floor Svengali: Well, that depends...

Me: "Depends?  Its been over a week!"

Zane: "I could rush it, but..."

Me: "No, you know what is best..."

So here we are on day 8 of the saga of the Red Oak Floor and we are happy to report that a significant milestone has been reached. 

The last oak plank was laid in place this afternoon, the toe kick is in place, and the orbital sanding along the base boards and the floor grates is complete.  As I type this, Zane is vacuuming the whole first floor.

And what will tomorrow bring?  They bring the big sander in and take two passes, sweep everything up again, and then they put down a fast drying sanding sealer and the first coat of polyurethane.  And we're done, right?


And Sunday?  Well, since we want it DONE, Sunday is also a day of buffing, then the second layer of polyurethane.  And we're done, right?

Wrong again.

And Monday? More of the same and the final coat of polyurethane.

And Tuesday?  Tuesday is the day of rest. as we gear up for Wednesday, the day our furniture arrives home.

And Thursday? I feel a sick headache coming on and day of rest in our house may be the best tonic...


  1. Sounds like he's doing a first rate job for you...
    You'll forget all about the pain with the years of enjoyment & compliments....

  2. Much like bad sex, why is it always so bad when you're in the middle of it?