Monday, May 16, 2011

I Spy: Gay Things

OK.  I found this picture on ebay and decided that it was too gay for its own good.

So we're going to play a game of I Spy.  The game is simple enough.  You look at this picture and try and find as many gay things as you can - because there is a lot going on here.  You must name the things you see in your comments.

I can find five.  Try and do me one or two better. 


  1. Lordy, the only thing NOT gay in that pic is the bottle of scope! Exactly what were you searching for on ebay that you ended up finding this pic????

  2. Hey! It was the '70's. Gimme a break! Everybody had Porn'staches, Speedos with lycra were new and cool (add extra gay points for the purple which would be very bold unless of course it was Lent and it is a liturgical statement), some guys tried the male version of the "Farah", god only knows what is going on with that wallpaper (and He's not telling either), the shag commode cover (with matching draperies, no less,-- well, that's just a crime against Humanity. The bottle of Scope recalls the morning after chapter in Tales of the City. The pose is what I imagine the "Tommy Trojan" statue on the 'SC campus would look like if it were to become animated in a low budget porn film.

    PS I think we've discovered how to get back at that ex....just hold the photos long enough so everybody can see how badly he's gone to seed.

  3. He's close - but he missed two things I found ;-)

  4. I only found 3.

    Will my Fag Hag Card be revoked?

  5. can't say it's gay, but i love his fingers underneath his balls, very carol merrill.

    okay, the fur toilet seat cover & the tie-backs on the curtains.

    the wallpaper is not gay.

    (don't worry mj, you can always sneak in with me.)

  6. I can't believe that you guys missed the prancing pony and the big gay green tiger in the wallpaper!

  7. I said "god only knows what is going on with that wallpaper (and He's not telling either)"

    You are the new Gay Moses.

    Guys, don't walk next to him in the garden for fear of combustible vegetation.

  8. Awe Will - you do win, though. ;-) Send me your address and I'll ship you spome of that Wall Paper Pronto!

  9. Perhaps it is because it was the era during which I "discovered my blossom" but 70's guys always do it for me.