Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, what are we doing today?

Well, we are sitting in the waiting area of a orthopedic surgery center.

And why are we sitting in the waiting room of a orthopedic surgery center?

Because the husband went to a bowling function sponsored by his employor (it was a team excercise thingy) and after rolling two games in the low 200's, on the first ball of the third game, he heard a "POP" and discovered that he could not pick up his shoe.


Poor husband detached his bicep from the bone. 


So he's in the OR and Dr. Hunk and Dr. Gobbler are reattching it.  I won't go into detail but it involves boring a hole into the bone and tying a knot.  They gave him a pain block before surgery, but its going to be a rough few days.

Did I mention that his surgeons are HOT.  That's the secret of orthopedics - the doctors are smoking hot and have killer blue eyes.

While his doctor isn't quite as good looking as this model pretending to be a doctor, both the doctor and the surgeon are pretty damn sweet.


  1. thank goodness for hot distractions....
    I hope Husbands recovery goes well and the physical therapists are just as good looking... It helps to ease the pain...

  2. the douches at my salon had a holiday bowl-a-thon too, but i was smart. i chose the lightest girly ball i could find and bowled like a 4 year old. i mean come on, my right arm's attached to my jerk off hand.

  3. Good point Norma. Looks like I will just have dive in their and relieve his suffering - you know, taking one for the team and all!