Saturday, April 30, 2011

My day has been an interesting day.

Well we started off the day with something different.

Columbus Landmarks Foundation, of which I am a volunteer, conducted a rarely held event, Hidden City.  And because I'm on the Education Committee, I act as tour guide at these events.

This go round was the Palace Theater and the Leveque Tower.  And since Columbus is not what I would call a city of tall skyscrapers, the Leveque at 555.5 feet tall is was the city's first real skyscraper, even though its a paltry 45 story's high (or so).

Forbidden City tours take participants behind the scenes and to places that one could never get on their own.  On this tour, we went behind the scenes at the Palace Theater.  We toured the stage, did the green room, visited the vaudeville animal shower (from those dog and pony show days) and then we took our group (about 30 people) into the office tower and explained the building art (it's loaded with symbolism) and did a walk around.

This years tour included the 35 th floor which is raw, open space with a 360 degree view of the city, and then it was up to Mrs. Leveque's private apartment near the top.

After that we returned home to paint the dining room.  We figured that since the floors are going and the furniture in storage, this would be the perfect opportunity.  We chose neutral earthy color called "Gentle Doe" that is a gold with just a hint of green.  So we popped open the paint that husband picked up at Pittsburgh Paints and set to work and completed half of the room before I notice that it was drying to a peach color.


So after cursing the bozo at the paint store for fucking up the mixture (he used the wrong base), I ran over to Lowe's and found the exact same color in their palette.  (I have a perfect sense of colors and pigments, fat lot of good that has gotten me in life, but its true.) and them mix it up and we were able to get the base coat on and THANK GOD it covered the old dark green in one coat.

The husband is getting ready to cook dinner.  After the meal I'll cut the yard, and following that I'm going to plotz.

My next milestone will be at 9AM Monday morning when the floor guy shows up and we get this show on the road.


  1. I'm so feeling your pain....
    I had two and one-half cigarettes after when you said "Egads".

    You know Cookie, too many people in this world "see a red door & they want to paint it beige".....

  2. "Gentle Doe" turned you into a "Raging Bull."