Thursday, April 14, 2011

He can wiggle it all he wants

I am happy to report that the husband was released from the surgery center at 6PM and went home and had a pleasant night.

Just prior to surgery they gave him a "nerve block" to help with pain, and it worked, but it also made him unable to feel anything in the right arm and paralyzed his ability to even wiggle his fingers. 

That concerned us. 

So I got him an extra down/feather pillow from the linen closet and made him a tuffit for his arm before bed.  Me? I was out like a light.  Finally he found a position that was comfortable and he nodded off.  Still, I had dreams about his hand and that it couldn't do anything - it just was there, fingers puffy and stained with betadyne.

So this morning, since I had to be at work, I got up, took a shower, made coffee and walked the dog while he slept.  When I went to kiss him good bye he opened up his sleepy eyes and wiggled his fingers and said he loved me and conked out again.  All of a sudden life got a whole lot better. 

The way I figure it, I'm damn lucky to have him - much more fortunate in that respect than he is lucky to have me.  He'll argue that point and claim to be the lucky one, but I know better.

I figure I'll call him by 10 am if I don't hear from him.

Still, life is pretty damn sweet this morning.

Stealing one from Peenee - here's Carlos Ponce, something pretty to look at and many your day just that much better.


  1. This is the first use I've seen of the word "tuffit" outside of nursery rhymes.

    I hope you both sleep soundly tonight.

  2. Plenty glad to hear things are okey dokey.