Monday, April 11, 2011

Just what was Harriet Craig's lie?

That she was vain?

That she went behind her husband's back and meddled in his career while casting vague aspersions about his coping skills?

Or was it something so vile that the studio dare not print it on a poster?

We are sad to say that if you haven't seen la Crawford in HARRIET CRAIG (or friended her on Facebook) then you are missing plenty.  Its the story of a woman and her insane attempts to control everyone and everything around her, while keeping children out of her house (because you just know those messy little hands leave marks everywhere) and keeping her family in line.

Some people say that this was Joan Crawford playing Joan Crawford.  Other's have said that deep down, Harriet is human, but that she toughs it up to get through life.

The movie has yet to be released on DVD, but is still available on VHS.  There was also a copy of it floating around on YouTube.  But if you haven't seen it, you are really missing out on something special.

So I ask, what was Harriet Craig's secret - and why was it shocking.


  1. there's also "mrs. craig" with roz russell and it too is good.

  2. Its a wonderful movie - Craig's Wife - complete with a crime of passion!

  3. I have it on good authority that Harriet Craig's lie had to do with genitals, but my lips are sealed.

  4. Good movie, she was such a sadistic bitch. You really wanted her to suffer.

  5. I wanted to know how they came up with her poorly peignoir at the end. My friend Davie says its a metaphor for Harriet's complicated web of lies and how they bind her to herself.

  6. I caught the final scene of this movie as a child on TV and had to wait years until adulthood before finding a VHS copy to rent. LOVE this film!