Friday, April 29, 2011

Let the show begin!

Phase one of our floor reconstruction project begins today when the movers show up this morning.  The movers are carting boxes upstairs, to the basement and then they are loading up our living room and dining room furniture and moving it to a secured site.

THEN at 1PM, the flooring guys show up to deliver the flooring - twenty bundles of red oak planks.  The flooring has to acclimate in the house for 96 hours.  Monday morning at 8AM they show up with their saws and nail pullers and remove the new floor (two days), lay the new floor (two days) and then lay down three coats of polyurethane (light sanding in between) and buffing out.  We should be able to move the furniture back by the 8th of May.

That is the schedule. 

In reality we know that the floor pulling with be three to four days, then the right supplies won't show, then the laying of the floor will run into additional issues of leveling, etc. 

Our HOPE is that we can start moving back in on May 15th. 

Will keep you posted...


  1. I wish you the best of luck. The 3 day kitchen job took 2 weeks and the people were reputable. No one's fault of course.

  2. They saw to take the length of job and double it. That's 14 days. So far, phases one and two have happened right on schedule. So we're keeping our fingers crossed.