Sunday, July 25, 2010

My next husband

I've just discovered Hugh Dillion.  If the current husband ever breaks my heart and runs off - he never will, but you have to be prepared - dibs on Hugh Dillion.


  1. and who exactly is this fine specimen?
    Are you going to force me to google "Hugh Dillon in the buff"?

  2. Just keep your mitts off Don Draper.

    That's all I ask.

  3. Canada is mighty fine country and they produce many a fine hunk.

    What I love about Hugh is that his face is a perfect mix of rugged handsome and just plain handsom. Not sure if I really like his choice in songs that he sings, though.

  4. but your last post comes with his own car.

  5. Note to the Japanese pornographers - thou shall not defile my next husband's picture!