Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It wasn't meant to be

Sometimes, you have to do the right thing, even though it is the hard thing to do.

Monday night I cued up the post about "Pete" our new dog and detailed how adorable he is and how sweet and how he ran away.

He's all of that.  but we are surrendering him back to the rescue group.  Both the husband and I devastated.

Tuesday night, Pete got out again, this time as the husband was snaking through the door one leg at a time.  And he took off with the same breakneck speed he exhibited on Saturday afternoon.  Only this time or beloved Rocky (the top dog) followed Pete - and Rocky is trained not to go through the door.

E chased on foot and got Rocky when Rocky got scared at the busy arterial street at the end of our block.  But Pete sped up.  Undaunted and unaware.  This time when the husbands legs gave out from running - he's had vascular surgery in the right leg) a neighbor just happened to come around the corner in her Jeep.  They took off, headed in the direction of the freeway.  They found Pete a mile+ from our house in a terrible neighborhood.

Twice in four days this dog has bolted.  We had a problem beyond our capabilities - this dog is fast and this dog twice has run EAST.  In the direction of railroad tracks, in the direction of the freeway. 

We had to make the tough decision.  We have to put his safety and the safety of Rocky first.  We can't have this happen again.

We're surrendering him to the shelter tomorrow - he needs placed is a different home - one with a fully fenced back yard - something we can't provide.

Neither of us slept last night - the founder of the rescue group called us the most despicable things last night.  She is a horrid woman.  Luckily, the rescue group has a Board, otherwise we'd place him someplace else. 

Both the husband and I have had dogs as family pets for a great number of years in our lives.  But neither of us have encountered this type of will, or speed.  And there was nothing to suggest that this was even something that could happen.  His behavior with other dogs, in unfamiliar situations, everything was counter to this discovery.

So instead of celebrating, we are grieving.

Maybe in time we'll look again, but right now we're both too shaken.  The emotional roller coaster will pull into the station tomorrow evening.  But I profoundly miss my Pete.  I hope they find him a good home and share the lessons we've learned.


  1. Oh no. I'm sorry. I know it's probably for the best and all, but still. ahem

  2. Wise move hon. No point in you trying to soldier on only to have him get squashed on the freeway.

  3. You did the right thing and whomever this rescue group founder is has absolutely no right in berating you into feeling guilty. Not everyone and every dog or cat is a purrfect match (sorry) and she should be more aware of this. Granted, she might be under a lot of pressure, but it's not good PR. I was in a similar situation years ago with a certifiably crazy cat and after the return, I felt bad. But, it will pass and you will find the right one when the time is right.

  4. What a bitch. Both the situation and the rescue group harridan.

  5. Kudos to you for doing the right thing.

  6. You did the right thing. Shocked disappointment toward the rescue group grouch, who sounds unprofessional & unrealistic.

    G-parent in-laws got a dog from the shelter, Heidi the Husky. One slack moment holding the leash and Heidi was hauling down a long rail line. If not for some helpful folk strolling about a 1/2 mile away, taking her back to the shelter wouldn't have been an option. But after retrieval, back she went. Heidi needed a whole different situation in which to flourish, & the in-law grandparents a different dog.

    Good luck finding the right dog.

  7. My thanks to all. I'm wearing black. I miss him terribly and our family is mourning We miss Pete.

    This now makes two dogs in four months that I have had to let go. I thought I was goig to get a break after the mist cleared from my eyes after I had Bertie put down. I just feel this incrdible heaviness on my shoulders and a hole in my heart.

    But again, thank you for taking the time to think of me.

    PS - Peenee - thank you for using the word harridan to describe the harpy. Made me smile.

  8. Sweetheart, my heart breaks for both of you, but you did THE RIGHT THING. I know how you both must feel - Chester is my life - but Pete's a runner, and will be better off somewhere else. There's one living in my building and everytime she takes off it breaks my heart. Hang in there, doll. Much love. xoxo