Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maternity leave

Well boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, dudes and dudette's - I need to take a week or so off from the blog because we have a new baby in the house that needs my attention.  We have a second dog!

We have adopted a rescue dog - a 1 year old half Chihuahua and Schipperke male and have named him Pete.  He's underweight and a bit skittish so my goal for the coming week is to get some structure in his life and hopefully alleviate some of his stress. 

Apparently - and we did not know this before we adopted him otherwise we wouldn't have picked him - for as cute as he is, Schipperke's are runners.  And we loathe dogs that look for any opportunity to run.  He's already broken loose once and as a result I have burns on the bottoms of feet from running at break neck speed across searing pavement on a 96 degree day.  But we also loathe quitters, so we are committed to Pete.

I'll be back in a about a week, but I will que up Best of DHTiSH from last summer as a year has already passed and reruns are in order, anyway.

Wish us luck with the little darling.  Pictures next week!


  1. A second husband and now a second dog.


  2. Enjoy this special week. Can't wait for the pictures!

  3. A friend has rescued two schipperkes. They were both crazy. Good luck with the baby.

  4. That is really wonderful of you to adopt him and then to keep him when you discovered his flaw. Your comment about running after him made me laugh.I wish you much success with Pete.

  5. funny, i never saw your baby bump. i suppose you just carry so low that i thought it was those huge balls of yours.

    good luck, second children can be a bitch, ask me sometime.