Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have you met my step-mother?

snatched from Donna Lethal

Today I picked the pockets of two bloggers I admire to start a regular feature - "Have you met my step-mother?"  From Thombeau, I have built upon his feature "Have you met our mother?" and from Donna Lethal, I snatched the image so evocative one (or multiple) of my step-mothers. 

Since it would not be nice to single any one of them out, each photo will contain at least one attribute of at least one of step-mothers.  This picture contains two elements - big ass high up in the air and the crooked seams on the cheap hose.  Oh, I wonder were she is now.

When my mother and I last spoke on the subject of these women, my remarked about one, in particular, "she's as common as a cold."

No love lost here, there or any where.


  1. As my mother once said of an ex-royal who has been in the news lately, "Well she was a commoner, and a common one at that"

  2. shouldn't there be a step table next to that divan?

  3. My mother, after hearing what the last Step-Mommie Dearest said about her the night before the funeral said "She's as common as a cold, and just as hard to get rid of."

  4. You had to say "snatched," didn't you?