Sunday, October 11, 2009

Periodically anachronistic is open

or a long time, I have been doing faux magazine covers for a variety of web sites, and when I saw Muscato & Dona Lethel's BRILLIANT Dowager Quarterly, it got me thinking, and that lead to creating a series of magazine covers for periodicals that never were, but should have been. Rather than roll that material into this blog, which is a hodge podge of sorts, I decided to concentrate these works into their own stand alone blog, which I have named Periodically Anachronistic.

Below is a sample of what I plan to unleash on the world. Enjoy!

"Of all of the Alcott's, only Louisa May understood that just as there should be a place for everything, and everything in place, so it should be with great unwashed, as advocated in New England's premier periodical for snobs and snobbery."


  1. "lemonade lucy"?

    was rutherford into golden showers?

  2. Heavens no! The Victorians never had sex, silly. Babies were the products of cabbage patches and delivered by storks. First Lady Lucy Hayes was a tea totaler - no boozie in the White House.