Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

Because one day, it will be yours...


  1. is this really yours? is it a lark?

  2. Its not only a Studebaker Lark, its a 1963 Studebaker Lark Regal in Rose Mist.

    It became mine on Thursday night when a guy on ebay, who had listed it at $4,500 accepted my low ball bid for $2,500.

    If the car is in as good as shape as this guy has lead me to believe, then I have fulfilled my dreams of 1) Owning a fun old car and 2)Owning a Studebaker. It would have been the PEREFCT car had it also been a station wagon, but what the hey, I'll not only take it, but its official that I have to take it.

    Now if I can just figure out how to get it to me from Alabama to Ohio. EEEEK!

  3. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! (and you know how infrequently i rely on uppercase...) this is quite cool. did you have one growing up? was there a lark in your past? you'll have to let me know how everything goes. i put my little baby to sleep sunday.

  4. What baby?

    I've always been a gear head and in high school I became obsessed with Studebaker - it seemed impossible that a car company could just vanish (this was 1980 and I knew nothing about business and I couldn't see the future) without a trace. Moreover, I knew of no one would would admit that they ever owned one.

    One of the neighbors had a mint red 1959 Lark convertible in their barn barn behind the house (this was in Marion, not Shaker) and they kept it covered and wouldn't talk to people about it because whenever word got out they got pestered by people who wanted to buy it.

    And then there was my mother who raised me by saying "No" to anything fun or frivolous like a "fun" old car.

    And then I started researching the company and say that they developed some very awesome vehicles on a shoestring - but the company was plagued by bad management and bad decisions from 1925 until it folded.

    SO I have joined Lambda Classic Car Club International (which is based in Columbus) and my expiriement with having a toy begins. And thankfully, this car is very (and I mean VERY) basic. The only options on the car are back up lights, outside rearview mirrors and an automatic transmission. Its rust situation is slim to none (and rust is the enemy of a Studebaker - they must be warm and dry or they turn to dust). But it has all of its original paperwork (factory invoice, sales receipts, etc.) so this was a smart first step!

  5. Oh, I am SO coming out there to visit so we can drive around together. I'll bring my headscarf, sunglasses, and alligator travel comestic bag.