Monday, October 12, 2009

Its Federal Holiday Season, hooray!!!

Suffering from Seasonal Affective Depression, I loathe fall because it means less sunlight, and horrific memories of returning to Mercer School or Byron Junior High in Shaker Heights.

On the other hand, there is a bright spot that begins today: Federal Holiday Season has begun!

What is Federal Holiday Season? Beginning today, Columbus Day, through Presidents Day (third Monday in February) the following Federally observed holidays mean either long weekends, or days off: Armistice Day (aka Veterans Day) November 11th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day. That means at least three, three day weekends (October, January, February) and then floating days off, depending when the others fall.

My career track has closely aligned itself with the days that the Federal Reserve System processes EFT, ACH and drafts (checks). If the Fed is closed, we are closed at work. Its a nice little thank you to those of us who hate this time of the year.

So I'm sleeping in today, going get my few hairs cut and lounge about with the dogs. See ya tomorrow.

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