Monday, October 5, 2009


Who is to say who is and who is not beautiful? To me, physical beauty in someone's face is when the right elements get together. They need not be perfect, but all the elements have to work well, and the result has to be something unique. Its one thing to to be pretty, it is something else to have an attractive face that is unique, a face that one would encounter in real life.
Such was Capucine. Look at her face. The parts work together, but it is the slight flaw in her upper lip that elevates her from pretty, to beauty. It gives her pursed lips a wonderful expression.
Her film roles should have been better - she is best known in the states for her supporting roles in The Pink Panther and What's Up Pussycat (in which she wears the most perfect "A" line tangerine dress.) Her end was tragic - by her own hand. Still we have the pictures, moments of beauty captured on film.