Thursday, December 14, 2017

One can never really say good bye to Omarosa

Well, we knew it was going to happen. 

Frankly, I am shocked it lasted as long as it did. 

Evidently, John Kelly found the balls to kick her to the curb.   I normally abhor violence against women, but in this case, the metaphor fits.

Omarosa was *resigned* from her job in the White House as a liaison to the Black Community.

*Resigned* means that she was terminated last night and according to April Ryan, there was a great deal of drama.  The unofficial official word is that Hellcat was dragged out of the Executive wing kicking, screaming, cursing and sometimes, all three at once.

But of course, Omarosa is telling people that she planned on doing this all along, so she *resigned*.

Quelle Surprise.

What did she do?

That seems to be part of the problem.

The morning after Judge Roy Moore pulled in less than 2% of the Black Vote in yesterday's election, we know that Manigault (I am not using her married last name because past behaviors as indicators of future behaviors, this latest marriage of hers won't last) was charged with building bridges with the Congressional Black Caucus, and with the Black community at large.

My sources tell me that Manigault was given to using the Executive Wing like it was her fiefdom. Until John Kelly put an end to it, she would attend meetings without invitation, she would miss meetings in which she was expected and when called upon to give progress on how things assigned to her were coming, instead of results, there were excuses.

Remember the whole "I understand that Frederick Douglass is doing great things," comment from Trump?  THAT happened because Manigault failed at tutoring Cheetolini on the who, who, why, where and how of Douglass. 

Omarosa also started a pissing match with April Ryan, the one of the leading journalist reporting on the Trump administration, who is also Black.  The two got into a heated exchange last spring when Omarosa started shrieking for other White House employees to come to her aid.   The thing is, if it comes down to Manigault v. Ryan, I am of course siding with Ryan, because Ryan live in the real world, is a world class journalist and she doesn't make stuff up.  April Ryan knows how to document stuff.  Omarosa makes shit up. 

And if you are keeping score, this brings the number of "high" profile blacks in the Trump Administration down to one.   That's right, Ben Carson is out there flexing his brand of crazy.

So in addition to the book deal she is going to get, the President's race problem has gotten better and worse.  Better in that she has been sent packing.  Worse in that now he must get another person of color into the Executive Wing pronto if he is going to keep from matters worse for him than they already are.

But Omarosa is a vampire.  She will never really fade away.  She'll be back.  I give a short while before she appears on the National Enquirer cover, or divorce court.

And like all great soap operas, the character isn't dead and in the coffin.  They can always be rewritten back in again.

She'll be back.


  1. She's like a weed. Soon as you think you got it all comes back and reappears. She just doesn't seem to go away.

    1. I like to call her "Reality TV Kudzu"...

  2. she is a cunt, pure & simple. she should NEVER have been given a free pass to the WH!

  3. She is the worst of the worst media whores ever. There isn't a truthful word that falls from her lips. i wish they'd hurled her over the WH fence.

    1. Everything she says, including the pauses between her words, are lies.

  4. I'm just glad I have no idea who she is. We have enough attention-seeking, self-serving political opportunist cunts of our own, thanks. Jx

    1. She is a woman of color who appeared on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice". A dog-eat-dog reality show. Omarosa played a part she was born to play - that of the sociopath. Calculating in her planning, she was unglued when it came to executing her plans. She would set other people up for failure, and then lazily blame others for not overseeing her work. She stirred the pot, then pleaded ignorance as she watched it over boil. She was "engaged" to actor Michael Clarke Duncan" when he died of a heart issue, and I wouldn't put it past her to have a role in that death. In any event, the bottomline is she is a batshit crazy self serving sociopath, or at least she *played* one on TV. ANd she had zero qualifications.