Saturday, December 23, 2017

Negative Net Christmas

Well, we're here.

Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and frankly, Cookie isn't feeling it.


Part of the reason being is that Cookie is MISERABLE at the moment.  My allergies have gotten to the point where no over the counter anything was helping.  So I scheduled an appointment with the allergist after my eye doctor said "Yeah, its time.  We don't want to increase the steroids because of a glaucoma possibility.  But this is the best time of the year to get it done."

So he called my doctor who called his buddy and I went in for the sign up and paperwork and they got me in this week. 

The thing is, they tell you stay off the antihistamines for "168 hours, which is seven days.  If you can go 240 hours then that would be even better."

At this point, I should be at my ripest, betterist and ready to become inflamed when he does his scratch tests. 

My eye's feel like sandpaper, I am itchy, coughing, sneezing and phlegmish. 

I was hoping this year we could do a simple, non-decorated Christmas, given my physical state, but the hubby wanted the tree up so we hauled it out of the box and set it up with a minimum number of ornaments and it looks great.  No candles in the windows.  I had to draw the line some place.

But since its just us in Baltimore, it'll be like 48 hours in a snow storm.  No stores, no activities, just home bound because there is nothing to do .  Maybe a movie on Christmas Night, but it has to make me laugh.  No crying on Christmas.

And no presents this year for he and me.

Nope, instead we are cleaning out our clothes bureaus and linen closets.  We have too much crap, and a local charity could use this stuff.  I mean how did I end up with 36 pairs of black socks?  So this year, it's a negative net Christmas.  Nothing coming in, but stuff is leaving the house and getting into the hands of people who need it and can use it. 

Now the dogs, are getting all manner of squeaky toys.

But this year I just think that we have everything we want or need, except a Zyrtec, at the moment.


  1. Well, I do love Christmas, but when I got to the ancestral home, the first thing I did was have a gin and tonic, then sleep for 15 hours. I sure hope your allergies improvement Cookie Monster.

    And a a merry Christmas!!!

  2. poor cookie. I hear ya about the allergies.

    1-2 gifts exchanged between spouse and I. the cats get toys. we go to an asian restaurant on exmess day. no more junk gifts; practical ones like a new toaster.

    1. We're hoping for an addition in 2019. So better to save for that.

  3. Merry Itchmas. Sorry couldn't help myself.

    1. And that is the type of brilliance that I love you for, and am kicking myself for not having.

  4. We don't do presents either except for little stocking stuffers. I declared that we should send a wad of cash to charity instead, which we've been doing every year.

    I hope you can enjoy the day, Cookie.

    1. I get that. In 2017, we have been personally lucky. The nation hasn't fared so well. Hoping Santa Claus has a kidney stone, or two, for the president.

  5. Hope your irritation isn't connected to contact lenses...

    Fingers crossed all will be OK, and you have a restful New Year! Jx