Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas with the neighbors

Over at the Davenport's, Dawn was disappointed that there were no No cha-cha heels for year this year.

The Barbie's got together for their seasonal night of drinking - call the red party - when Bouffant Barbie showed up and evidently didn't get the message that it was the RED Party and not the Red and Matched Sets party.

The neighbor's cat endured another annual embarrassment and this morning it's owner woke up to find that the chair became a scratching post in the middle of the night.

Over at the Wifebeater's, it was a casual affair.

The Flockman's still haven't learned that a little leopard goes a long way.

Things are getting Oh-E-Oh-E-Oh at the Robinson's

And Aunt Darlene is sitting in the den and she is just fine, "don't worry about me. But a scotch, neat, would be a nice jesture.  And an ash tray.  Where are you fucking ashtrays?"  We weren't planning on her but she is happy to sit there, judging us.

Just ignore her, but remember, Roni Spector and the Ronette's hope your day was swinging fun!


  1. DIVINE! how thoughtful of you, cookie! happy happy joy joy!

  2. I'd budge up next to Aunt Darlene, but I fear too much fag-ash might burn though those plastic covers... Merry thingummybob. It's over now. Thank fuck. Jx

  3. why don't you tear that pic tatie ? you didn't know that one day, it will appear on Cookies' blog ? hihi (the one with the cat)

  4. I have, had, an Aunt Darleen and she was very much like yours.