Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your Daily Dose of Dysfunction: Amy's Baking Company

For those of you who have never watched Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and live in cave, but have terrific internet access, this show is all about someone abrasive but talented going into a restaurant that is totally dysfunctional and trying to make it function as it should.

Its one of the few "reality" shows I enjoy because we've been to one of the restaurants (Hon Cafe) featured on the show and the food was absolutely mindblowingly delicious.

In his sixth season though, Gordon Ramsey meets a restaurant co-owner and chef, that would be Amy of Amy's Baking Company who is either the worlds best actress, or someone who needs a "different type of help" that Ramsey is not licensed to provide.

If you haven't seen this episode of "episodes" here are the two halves and the atypical ending.   They are worth watching.

I have my opinions, but I also have a sliver of compassion for folks like Amy because they are unable to see in themselves what everyone around them can see or experience, and they tend to blame everyone and everything thing around them for whatever happens to them.   People like Amy simply wear people down and the only energy anyone has walking away from this perfect storm is to say "What a total asshole."

Unfortunately, Amy will never be able to comprehend her behavior and the dust up it has caused on the Internet as everyone from Facebook, to YELP to REDDIT to even Forbes to take a stab at her and her behaviors on and off line.


  1. This one was a hoot! Why do I think it won't end here. We will hear from them again.
    It needs a spinoff. Amy vs Abby Lee Miller. NO! No! Wait! Amy vs Judge Judy.

  2. I'm addicted to this show as well after working so long in the restaurant field. I must admit this is my favorite episode so far.

    1. But have you ever seen such a "Cleopatra"*?

      *She's always in "de nile"