Friday, May 3, 2013

Overheard at Walgreens

Woman one: She wa' watching some old movie when I went over.
Woman two: I hate those boring old things. She watching dem all the time and 'spect me to watch'um too.
Woman one: Something call' Splenda in the Grass.
Woman two: What it in color?
Woman one: Lemma barrow you card - yeah, it was in color.
Woman two: A least it wadden in black and white...


  1. Sweet'n'Low in black and white.

  2. It breaks the heart. One can only assume they were picking up some last minute supplies for another arduous day of slouching towards Bethlehem.

  3. Ack!!! I find myself wishing I could befriend the one who loves old movies, so she'd know other people also love them.

  4. She can kiss my aspartame.