Saturday, May 11, 2013

Found today: Ka-Bala and the Eye of Zohar

It's a bit like the Ouija Board, but it glows in the dark.  It combines the zodiac, roulette and tarot cards.  Its instructions tell you can play in the dark, but you'll need to turn on the room light to read the fortunes on the back of the tarot cards.  And the EYE OF ZOHAR follows the ball around the board.  Maybe this (From the Museum of Talking Boards) will help explain it:

Made by Transogram - that toy company of yore that did amazing things in very cheap breakable plastic, Ka-Bala is the type of toy that would never get made today for children.  NEVER!  Oh, Hell - can you imagine the media blood-fest One Million Moms (which only has 50,000 followers on Facebook) would have over this?  Sweet smoking Jesus, they'd be having a kniption fit!  All the more reason to own it!

Now if Ka-Bala could tell me where I can find the $100 smackeroo's to buy it, I'd hustle back to that store and get it.


  1. use the hundred bucks for the garage door.

  2. This looks cool, but not $100 worth. We used to have 8-balls, which apparently are the junior version of this, and ouija boards. In Taiwan, I have added ultra-cool luan-bi to my list of fortune-telling devices, which coincidentally was the subject of my last post.
    --Road to Parnassus

  3. "Will I ever pitch a winning game?" Pah! He's thinking "Does this eye shadow really go with this blouse?" Jx

    1. Those dark circles are from staying up all night and asking the game all sorts of questions. I shudder to think.

  4. Was THIS what led to Madonna's conversion?