Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear Edie,

Edie Windsor at IBM, 1965

Dear Edie,

Thank you.  Thank you for standing up for yourself.  Thank you for standing up for all of us.  Thank you for being full of life and verve.  Thank you for that smile on your face as you walked towards the Supreme Court Building.  Thank you for talking to the reporters afterward.

Thank you for loving Thea.  Though I never had the pleasure of meeting you or her, I imagine that she was quite a person, quite a woman and quite a good person.

Most importantly, thank you for being who you are.  Others wouldn't have pursued this.  You did.  Thank you and much love,



  1. Amen to that!

    I don't think I've ever met an Edie I didn't like.

  2. I just checked out who she is, and my heavens! - what a woman... Good luck, Edie, and hope you win! Jx

  3. Brava!
    Well said. We all owe Edie, and Thea, a big Thanks!