Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Berry Bonbon. I think he went to Brith Emeth

In the midst of challenging our property tax reassessment.  Wish us luck: our argument is that you can't charge us more than we paid for the new house.  In tax happy Maryland, we'll see how far that gets us in this first round. 


  1. It’s the only double colour.
    Bright red to bring out the slightly wicked in you, with a whisper of pink innocence, for the other girl you are.

    Finally! A cosmetic line for the Madonna-whore in you!

    1. As long as you wear an opera gown by Bergdorf's

  2. Replies
    1. The meeting went well. Everything was documented. We brought comparables, pictures of the worn out bathroom, the hallway they were counting as a room, the closet that they were counting as floor space in the bedroom. Even calculations regarding how the linear feet of counter space in our kitchen is well below that in other small kitchens in the neighborhood. We even invited her to go through the house. Now we wait.