Saturday, March 2, 2013

My father and Kevin

So Kevin had his day in the sun this morning.  We were up, at 'em and at the TV station and he was a little darling.  He got about 90 seconds of airtime and that's a good thing.

Dr. Kim Hammond hosted us, and shot this picture while the 9:00AM newscast was going on right behind us.  You couldn't pay me to do what these women do because there is all sports of stuff going on all around them and they never missed a beat.

So, back to this picture. Husband looks handsome as always.  But me? I have become my father in shape and face.  I not only look like the old man, but this is one of his stock faces when have his picture taken.  Yup, now the expressions are starting to settle in.

Trust me folks, the person who said "the older we get, the more like our parents we become" wasn't lying.


  1. "She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon." - Groucho Marx


  2. I recently saw a picture of my father with some guy and I wondered which relative he was until Carlos pointed out that the guy was me.

  3. Kevin is part Great Dane?

    You mentioned recently that he has a large member, did you not?

  4. You are both so handsome! I love this picture!

    Now it's fine for you to look like your father, but not so much when you are the daughter. :( The older I get, the more I look like him. Now that's depressing.