Friday, December 2, 2011

Where is Donna Lethal when you need her?

So my friend ron posts this link to a video on Facebook to a video of a girl and a girl - both wearing hot pink unitards, dancing and frolicking to a Mariah Carey song. Because I have a lot of time on my hand, I follow the link - stranger things have been to entertain me.

So I click on the link, up pops YouTube and the video begins.  Unfortunatly, the climax for me was too soon.  The play bar gets to the yellow marker (YouTube's was of  telling you WE HAVE PLACED AN AD HERE) and while I normally just close it out, this one catches my eye because of the topic, and the bad grammar:

Yes, your eyes are seeing correctly, but for the myopic:

So I went to that site and, in fact, they have (wink, wink) THOUSANDS of Chinese Lady for dating.  It not one - many, many Chinese lady want to date you!  They miss you long time!

What's more - 10,000 Chinese are, according to this ad can be found violating the premise (9th grade English, thank you Barbara Smith, rest in peace) that if you "lay" on the beach you should be arrested.  Whats worse is that they "lay" without love - in fact they are WAITING FOR LOVE while they lay, but you must REGISTER. 


And that is where I stopped. Unless a Chinese lady is bringing me my order of Mongolian Beef, I don't need her.

Here's the video - I'm not sure how long YouTube cycles its ads through, but at least for now, "it showing that ad!"

And always remember that I love each and ever one of you, long time now!

UPDATE: DRAT!  They have removed the Chinese Lady Ad.  I HATE that when it happens!  (Or maybe they realized it was probably a prositution racket or some such thing.)


  1. It's magic when a fag and his hag have too much Beyonce and not enough Xanax.

  2. I have been trying not to FB or blog at work, mostly because a) I finally have a job and b) of course I have a LURKER who invades my personal space and is determined to learn my pseudonym. I lied outright and said I wasn't on fb. He has already shared the scapula in his pocket, asked if I was raised Catholic, interrupted me on the phone, and...need I go on? And oh, I've finally busted my image-thefter. See my blog for details. I'll watch this when I get home b/c I KNOW it will attract...THE LURKER. Let's see what captcha I get!

  3. I think you helped that video go viral. I know I reposted it, but if you saw it when it had 300 views and a week later there's been nearly 350,000...I suggest we all get drunk on power immediately.