Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all, an announcement and a warning of sorts

This tree has 75,000 lights on it.  I think it looks a bit bare, you?

I wish to thank all of you who stop, lookand comment at this hodge podge that I call Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights.  You guys light up my life, but not in a Debbie Boone kinda way.

My announcement is that next week I'll be off line for a couple days.  My computer is infected with the "FakeRean" virius/trojan and its been a real motherfucker to deal with.  The only way to be rid of it is to reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows 7.  And loading and reloading EVERYTHING will take a day or two.

My warning is, while I ALWAYS practice safe computing (Keep the AV up to date and running, use SpyBot, keep away from "suspect sites, et. al.) "FakeRean" (Link to trojan definition) got into this computer.  So run your AV program, be careful and I hope you never encounter it.  Those wishing to gloat about their MAC machines, kindly keep your gloating to yourself. I'll come over to the darkside soon enough.

Rocky and Kevin send their "Howl-i-day" wishes, too!


  1. This might set a record for one tree, but do you remember the Bolton display on Richmond Road (between Cedar and Mayfield), the one preceded by "Warning! Xmas Display Ahead" signs?
    --Road to Parnassus

  2. sorry about your holiday "gift"...
    ...hope the transfusion takes & all is well.

  3. Norma - It sucks, but what arre you going to do? At least my docs were ALL backed up, including the family trees.

    Parnassus - I had forgotten about it, now I have recalled it. The Bolton's certainly lit up that section of Richmond Road, and if you came over those hills and weren't expecting it WOW That was something to remember. I met Mrs. Bolton once - as campers at Hawkin a group of us went AWOL and walked to her house and rang the bell. I would like to say that the deed got us kicked out of that Hell Hole of a camp, but alas, it did not.

  4. the south part of Green Road (South of Canterbury Lane to Chagrin Blvd.) had a lot of Italian families living on it and they always went whole hog with the lights as well - but nothing topped the Boltons.

  5. Rocky and Kevin are adorable!
    Merry christmas and a happy (virus free) New Year!

  6. Thanks for being there, love bunny. I need to send you a word verification that is the perfect year-end.

  7. Windows 7? Mac?

    There are other ways to protect yourself.

    I switched to linux years ago and haven't given viruses or trojans a second thought.