Friday, December 2, 2011

If you removed one letter from the title of this movie... would it change the movie?


  1. Hmm, several to choose from but, I would pay good money to see, "The Count of Monte Crisco".

    A lavish period porno. I thinks it's obvious how the plot would change as there are no plots in porno. Suffice to say that Daniel Craig wearing satin tights gets revenge on those that done him wrong when he was forced to perform fellatio and submit to Crisco fisting from the evil uncles that sent him to live in an orphanage after plundering him and his inheritance.

    Maybe there is a plot after all.

    I'm rather creative today after dreaming of and smoking pot with Ruth Gorden and Nanette Fabray last night.

  2. Alas, the game is to remove a letter and not replace it. If Nanette and Ruth come back to your dream, talk it over with them and come back tomorrow to play again.

  3. If you took out the f it would be the "The Count O' Monte Cristo" and everyone would be drinking beer and talking with an irish brogue.

  4. "What would MJ come up with..."

    "The Cunt of Monte Cristo" of course!

    The title of her biography.

    Just kidding MJ...

  5. i thought that was the title of cookie's bio.

    that or else the meat they put in their famous deep fried sandwich.

  6. *bitch slaps AyeM8y*...with affection, of course.