Thursday, August 11, 2011

Serenity? Not quite yet...

...I have noticed that since attending the Shaker Heights Class of 1981 reunion that my overall mood keeps improving with each day.  Not that I'm manic, but overall things seem less dire in life - the financial crisis excepted.  It was so great being able to release all those years feelings. I've also discovered that my Mom left me one thing not in her will - my dysfunction level is dropping faster than the stock market.

What I've also discovered is that since Mom's death, the auction, the sale of her house, our remodeling projects and now the reunion I have been really, and seriously tired.  Physically and mentally just worn out and exhausted, but for the right reasons.

Along those same lines we're coming up on the one year anniversary of Mom's diagnosis, which will mark the beginning of about 70 days of reflection leading up to the one year anniversary of her death.  I bring this up because people tell me that missing her begins to become a bit easier after crossing that milestone.  I hope, we'll see.

In other news, the husband is at home today - the first day of summer with perfect temps and humidity waiting on yet another contractor.  Once "Ron" is done with his projects then we have just one more job for the fall which is the laying down of new gravel on the drive way before winter.

Today at work a major manufacturer of safe's and banking equipment sent two employees to our office to take back the machinery that "brain trust" in programming were designing a platform interface for our clients.  Normally when this type of equipment comes in, they send a couple bears in to do the job. 


Today we had Daddy Bear and His Big Hot Dumb Son.  Both of them were pure meat, and the three of us gay guys in the office took great pleasure at seeing them HEAVE and WALK and NUDGE the two-ton vault and computer onto their great big fork lift and load it on the truck. And this is but one reason why I love men: because they look good working and working it.  This is not one of  the guys, but you get the idea:

Please note: This image has been edited to avoid showing genitals and violating Blogger's rules on such .  Anyhow, use your imagination - its always more fun!


  1. I wouldn't have minded the full crotch shot; my imagination is weary today.

  2. I hope daddy bear was in the jockstrap he wears in the truck.

    School reunions are great, because you can see how much better you look than your old classmates.