Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Cortisone Shot and I Feel Like Flipping Superman!

The saga of cripple me and the shouldfer from Hell continues.  I know about a month ago I said that there was surgery in my future, but we had an issue with torthopediciac surgeon's staff and that plan was defenestrated when they lost the doctors notes and the wouldn't return phone calls for THREE FLIPPING WEEKS!

Needless to say that my pain was great, and it almost drove my husband insane as he listened to my moaning - and it wasn't good moaning either.

So I went to the Ortho guy who sewed the Husband up after he detached his bicept tendon and this guy says that my rotator cuff isn't the issue, but that the bone spur in my should is. Then he shows me the X-Ray and says "It says so - right here."

Son of a bitch!

So we came up with a two fold plan.  First he shot me with Cortisone, and two I'm doing physical therapy.

Normally the shots don't effect me and make me crazy. but this one did.  I didn't sleep a wink last night and this morning I was up with the chickens and had the whole down stairs vaccumed before you say Anna Maria Alberghetti. 

And oh my dear GOD!  But I just feel like I just want to go out and beat my chest like Tarzan!  FUCK YEAH! This is how it must have felt to be Wally Cox! No wonder those weight lifters get a rush out of this shit!

This afternoon I had my first physical therapy session on my shoulder.  Luckily there was PT place of sound repute around the corner.  And that is where we come to "Jamie" the manual therapist.  Beautifully handsome Jamie.  He has the face of a porn star and the body to match.  And through his shirt, I am happy to report, nipples like gum drops. (Just for you, Peenee) Sigh.

Today was all about range of motion, and going over the excercises that I have to do with girly weights to strengthen the muscles in the left shoulder.   Then he put the ice jacket on my shoulder.  Heaven!

As I was leaving, Jamie pointed out that I could schedule my appointment him or one of his staff.  I chose him, snatch.

Since I don't have a picture of Jamie, he's one of Ben Cohen who is even more beautiful and sticks up for whimps like me, and is against bullying.


  1. Buy him an undersized tank top to show your appreciation; and insist he try it on. Gumdrops under semi sheer cotton, ah! Oh, yeah, your shoulder glad you're better. TB

  2. I'm so glad you're better. I pinched a nerve in my left arm a few years ago that took a very long time to heal. They tried steroid (pills, only one week) - no help at all.

  3. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry this is taking too long to resolve. Don't they saw off bone spurs?

  4. Thank you all. It's now 48 hours without sleep and I FEEL FUCKING FANTASTIC even though I am exhausted. Last night I mixed a Donna Lethal before bed (one muscle relaxer, one trazadone, and one Sonata) and I was up all night. I was limp like a rag doll, but I was up.

    The therapy involves stretching muscles, straightening out my arm and tracing the alphabet in the air, more stretching, more ice. It's a drag.

    One the other side though is the bone spur, which is inside the shoulder cavity. So to answer peenee's question, I think that theygrind it off. They said that I've had it for years.

    Getting old has it charms, this is not one of them!