Saturday, August 6, 2011

And yet another reason to distrust the French

I found this disturbing record album cover on another site, and normally I just laugh it off and go on, as such things generally amuse me. 

Not this one.

It fucking freaked me out.  Like Mickey Rooney freaks out Donna Lethal.  Like the idea of being trapped in an elevator during a black out with Leon Andre Talley freaks out TJB (or any of us for that matter).   Look at that woman's figure? Christ on a cracker - that is an interesting shape!

Still, I thought, I should not judge these people on their side show appearances - no, I should seek a more enlightened approach.

So I found this:

And I listened and I found that in fact the picture on the album lies about this avant guard trio; they are really an atonal DUO! That's right. Evidently they are a blind family. But the mother on the cover is just trickery to get you to buy the album. Or maybe she was just wandering about the studio during the photo set. She is nowhere to be found singing!

So once again, the French have led us to the cultural trough only to spit in our eyes and laugh at our passion for truth in advertising. To hell with you frog bastards!  Have you no shame?


  1. It sounds better with your eyes closed....

  2. Does it get better after 55 seconds?

    I had to turn it off.

  3. Sorry I only got through 26 seconds, as the main man is now going to have me committed.

  4. I only lasted 20 seconds but the pic alone will give me nightmares. TB

  5. Made it all the way through. Reminds me of Philip Glass in a way.

    A gentleman knows how to play the accordian, but doesn't.

    Will J