Friday, August 5, 2011

Neighborhood Gossip: America's most hated woman...

... is rumored to be staying with relatives on the street behind our house.

'Tis true, my chickens!  We've been wondering why there have been news crews and satellite trucks cruising our pocket neighborhood.  One of the neighbors finally got fed up and asked them "what Hell are you doing here?"  Well, evidently, the news crews received a tip off from what they called a credible source that the "Tot Mom" is staying with family on the street behind us.

Really?  And why our pocket neighborhood?

The camera crew answered that "Because this is the last type of place where anyone would think to look for her."

"Well," says our neighbor, "if you're here and looking for her, it can't be that far fetched that she would be here, right?"

Like buzzards circling a fresh kill sight, they're still out there.  And seriously, if you were her, would you stay in the last place on earth if there were camera crews looking for you?  I think not.

Still, Cookie thinks we need a block party so we can search our neighbor's homes for the Tot Mom.  Either we'll put this rumor to bed, or we'll drive her out.  Either is a win for the neighborhood and a loss for the neighborhood gossips.


  1. Oh my goodness!

    Hide yo kidz! Hide yo husbands!

    Anyway,I'm thinking of going at Tater Tot Mom for Halloween.

  2. Can we bring torches and pitchforks when we go searching the neighbors houses?

  3. We have a lot of dykes in the neighborhood who have multiple cats, so the torches and the pitchforks would come in handy in any case.

    The husband thinks that she got a carny job at the Ohio State Fair, which is only a quarter mile away from us.

  4. I heard on the radio that she was caught shopping in Marion and that she was staying in the area, I didn't think it would be right around the corner.

  5. get the hell out while you still have a chance.

  6. Cookie...
    Where are you in the great state of Beautiful?

    I heard that report on 1010wins the #1 AM radio station in the world (CBS)
    One of my best friends ever hales from Marion, so I drew an association with you, so sorry if I'm misinformed....

    Honestly, that lady has to live somewhere, what that life will be like?, I don't know, I have my own to live.

  7. Wally, While I Am A Shaker native (spending a miserable 14 years there, I consider Marion my real home. Send me a message and tell me who your friend is...I am dying to find this out!

    Anyhow when you said she was going there I just plotzed. It just sounds like Casey is on the "Cool Cookie Tour" of Ohio. I have alerted the folks in Shaker that she could be headed their way.

  8. LOL, I thought for sure she was heading for Norma's hood!