Thursday, August 18, 2011

There are plans, and there is reality

Because today is a late schedule day, and I didn't have be in the office until 10AM, the way I had planned things was that I would sleep in to 7:30, enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch wild reading the Columbus Dispatch, then I do some vacuuming, red up the place, and the go to work.  Simple, right?

Instead, at 7:30 AM the painter is knocking at the back door because the husband forgot to unlock the garage that the painter is painting. This of course ate into my TODAY Show time.  I gathered up the paper and went outside to enjoy my front porch and within 20 seconds the next door neighbor was over dropping off the food for Russell (Rocky the Wonder Dog's best friend) since Russell is spend the evening at our house.  We chatted because I really like our neighbors.  But by the time the chatting came to and, there went my newspaper time and it had eaten significantly into the housekeeping portion of the morning.  So I tossed that idea and went upstairs to do my morning routine.

No sooner than I was undressed than the doorbell rang.  It was the painter and he forgot his wallet and we were out of paint.  Well I had no money for more paint, and I wasn't about to give him my debit card so off I went in my car to Lowe's at 9AM.  I called the office and spoke with the boss and said I would be a few minutes late.  He said fine.  But no sooner than I got to the end of the driveway that I noticed that the whole street was bumper to bumper and stopped because an American Van Lines truck was unloading the possessions of a renter at the double at the end of the block.  Fabulous.

Fifteen minutes later the police showed up and forced the van liner to move.  That placed me at Lowe's at 9:20.  I grabbed the cans took them in and got a match on the paint, paid for the cans and was home by 9:35.  Into the house, grabbed a quick shower, dressed and made it to work at 10:01:00.

And then my boss says: "You didn't need to call in if you are a minute late."

So that has been how my day is progressing.  How is yours?

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