Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You would use these when the Rabbi, or someone special, came to call!

In my last post, I asked what one would use these utensils for:

While one could use these for just about anything, they are, in fact, the pieces to...

...a lox and bagel set!

The thin knife is wicked on a bagel - its offset blade acutally gives the blade better leverage on the thick dough of a good bagel.  The heavy duty "spreading paddle" is for cream cheese, and the delicate fork is for slecting your piece of Nova (which is the best lox that you can get).  Apparently, you can also use the fork for onions and/or capers if you are being fancy-shmancy.

I plan on keeping these - but like my mother, I'm more likely to use it for the Jewish version of pate, and one of my real weaknesses, chopped liver on a bagel.  Trouble is, we live in the one major city in Ohio that doesn't have a large ethnic Jewish population, so for a real deli, full of all that artery clogging good food, you have to drive to Cleveland.  That drive is the only thing that keeps my arteries unclogged, and me from looking like Mr. Creosote.

Anyone else own odd specific pieces of silver from a by gone era?  I'd love to see them!


  1. A "spreading paddle" would be perfect for use on a houseboy.

  2. We would have to get a second set, or risk an admonishment from the Rabbi!