Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And now for something completely different: My Five Worst American Autos of All Time

Readers of this blog, you are a hearty lot.  Terribly supportive when I pour my heart out, you visit me here never knowing quite what I am throwing up (not in the transitive sense, mind you) on the pages of this blog from day to day.

While killing time at work today I stumbled across an old Time Magazine poll from 2007 in which an editor and car expert espoused prosaic about which were the 100 Wrost Cars of all time.  But as I read the list - were these cars really bad, or did they just rub the guys putting the list together the wrong way?  A bit of both, and sadly, some cars that did what they were built to do were on the list. 

To qualify for the list, the car in question had to be one or more of the following: 1)Craptastically Ugly; 2)Poorly Built; 3)Led to its builders down fall - or - in case of a horrific trifecta, as we will see, all three.

So I am crafting my list - the worst vehicle will will of course win the "Grande Prize". 

Stay tuned for action....

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