Monday, January 3, 2011

A day of deaths

Anne Francis
September 16, 1930 - January 2, 2011


Also, I am most grieved to report the death of Kathy Dixon, the mother of my best friend from childhood, David.  Kathy early this morning.  She was too young - only sixty-nine.  She leaves four sons, her grandchildren and many, many friends. 


  1. Forbidden Planet was just on yesterday.

    Sorry for your friend and his family.

  2. So sorry about Mrs. Dixon, and was shocked to hear about Ms. Francis.

    @ m8y - I saw that in the guide and unfortunately, incurable football fag that I am, I missed it.

  3. at least she knew a good earring when she saw one.

  4. Mrs. Dixon is with your mum and my mum...I hope that's a good thing?

  5. Yes, my dirty little secret is out. But it's worse...

    With the exception of hockey (which I find for some reason, kinda lame) I will watch two people or two teams compete for just about anything. But by far my two favorite things to watch are (even though they are vastly different) football and tennis.

    This is a happy time of year for me what with the college bowl games (yay Ohio State!) and impending NFL playoffs. And the Australian Open is just around the corner!

    Now you know....