Monday, November 23, 2009

Studebaker Update

I just heard from Mechanic and we have some bad news and some good news.

First the bad news.  EVIDENTLY someone at DAS attempted to jump the car when it failed to operate at some point in the transfer, and the didn't hook the jumper cables up correctly.  When they did so, it shorted out the electrical system on the Studebaker. 

The GOOD news is it all basic wiring and repairable, the battery is installed and the cooling system has been flushed and refilled. 

The bad news is that we're up to $350.

The GOOD News is that he also discovered that the break lights are out, the gas tank guage and the engine temperature guage are all non working, but they'll get fixed.  I say that this is good news because its all getting done and its basic safety stuff.

The bad news is that all of this costs money.

The GOOD news is that I set some aside.


The GREAT news is that the super structure of the car, once it went up on the lift, is OUTSTANDING.  Jeff said this thing is built like a tank and isn't all corroded up - Studebaker's are notorius rusters.  The car drives straight as an arrow.

So my mechanic has officially stated that for $2,500, plus the electrical repairs, I got a very solid car.  And he added "She ain't the type of girl that you fool around with; she's the type of old girl you take home to mother."  I'll take that.

So, after we get these little electrical things fixed she is ripe for the road.