Friday, November 20, 2009

Boo-Yeah! was a veritable rollercoaster of emotions yesterday:

YEAH! The wandering Studebaker arrived in Columbus and was delivered to my mechanic yesterday morning as planned.

Boo! She was very dirty from her three weeks on the lower rack of the car carriers.

YEAH! The mechanic got her fired up after recharging the battery.

Boo! But its a cheap Wal-Mart battery and she was stone cold dead this morning in the mechanics pen.

YEAH! But he's going to work on her this weekend and install a new battery.

Boo! But we got a good look at the inside.

YEAH! It can all be fixed.

Boo: She's a Monet.

Bottom line, and I am being practical, the car is going to need more cosmetic work than simple head on collision with a Clinque Tanker Truck.  However, life has taught me do not dwell in adversity, but instead plan for the a graceful way out.  So we have plan "A" and plan "B" in the works:

"A" - We keep her for the winter, safely tucked away in a garage and then wheel her out on a sunny spring afternoon and reappraise the situation.  If we do this, then I can use the winter to look for New Old Stock seat covers and then sell the car in June/July for a profit.

"B" - Trade the car for a silver Lark Regal sedan that I have been offered with a V-8 and A/C

So we're going to look at the V8 this weeknd and then we'll go on from there!


  1. it sure looks cute......was the seller not forthcoming with all the condition info? sucks to be unpleasantly surprised. of course, an air conditioned wagon sounds fabulous.........

  2. And they had those fabulous retractable roofs too!

    Well we're going to take her over to the Nissan dealership and get her deatiled just as she is, place her in storage for the winter and then reassess. Its the practical thing to do. And I think once we get her get her pretty in the spring we'll all feel better!