Saturday, November 7, 2009

Secondhand Rose, touring America!

Well we've been checking up on the Studebaker, now nicknamed Aunt Rose, and it is quite possible that she should have been named Miss Daisy because she is being chauffeured about. Aunt Rose, who was purchased from a man in Silverhill, Alabama, and is being transported to us by DAS at great expense, is making her way to us in a most circuitous fashion.

Thursday she left Alabama for Milton, Florida where DAS has a transport terminal.

Friday she sat in Milton, waiting, as many of us do, for ones name to be called.

Then on Friday night things got exciting - She was officially "in transport" which means she was loaded to a trailer with cars and her trip was underway.

So far today, Aunt Rose passed through Alabama one last time on her way to Biloxi, Mississippi. She then went Algiers, Louisiana, then onto Lafayette, Louisiana and at last check in was someplace called LaPlace Louisiana.

So if you look at the maps is now further away from me then when I bought her?

So we're wondering where fate will take her next. I'm thinking Texas; the husband thinks that the transport truck will, at some point sooner, rather than later, head North. I am dubious.

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