Thursday, November 5, 2009

Studebaker Update: Good news, at least

Well Miss Rose Studebaker is in transport from Alabama, and I was finally able to connect with my insurance agent when I got the good news on insuring Miss Rose. 

Full coverage, exactly as I am covered on my Maxima, but with a classic car designation - meaning that I will drive her in parades, to car meets, to and from maintenance appointments with the occassion drive about to keep her in fit form - cars are meant to be driven and if left just parked all sorts of things (flat spots on tires, thickening oil, etc) go wrong - will only cost me a total of....$55 a half. 

Thats right. 

This car will only cost me a $110 a year to cover everything including comprehensive, liability, etc and so on through a major mutuial insurance company.  I just can't use her for a daily driver.

Now if the damned thing would just get here!


  1. yes, classic/antique car insurance is marvelously cheap. also, here in MN, when one has a classic plate, one pays no sales tax on the car & a one time registration fee. do you plan to drive her during the winter? i can't remember, do they use a lot of salt on the roads in OH? and...i know how you must be plotzing to get your car.

  2. Just like Zsa Zsa, Studebakers like to be dry and warm.

    They are notorious rusters so road salt is a big no-no. So the car will stay garaged for the winter - so probably from December 1st through March 21st. After March 1st the snows we get are usually wet and heavy and gone within a day or two after the fall.

    But Chassis aside, the good news is that they are not uni-body cars, so replacing fenders is an absolute snap. It does have a ding on the drivers side door - that could get pricey, but as a friend pointed out its less expensive to replace a door than to fix a door and the out of service time is quicker as well.

    The car will get regular Ohio plates - the historical plates cost $5 more and are VERY restrictive on when you can drive the car and for what purpose. But Ohio does permit you to use classic plates (actual old plates from the model year) instead of the ugly historic vehicle plates.

  3. i could go on & on about the MN rules/restrictions regarding collector plates, but i won't. i have plates from 1973 on mine (they were brand new, still in the plastic wrapper, a coup(!) and i found the needed '73 stickers on ebay!) she's never been a daily driver, but i take it out when i want to & no cop has ever stopped me. of course, ohio is another animal altogether. that's interesting....cheaper to replace a door than to fix it. who'd a thought?