Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She's come undone

First the bad news, my Studebaker won't get here until Friday at the earliest.  She's been to here to there to God know's where and DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers, but I think it means Dumb Ass Shitlickers) which has been promising November 18th all of a sudden pushed it back to the November 20th.  So she won't be here for my birthday on Sunday.


...if it could get any worse they tell me that she is non-operating.  Well, the car was certainly operating when you picked it up, you fuck-wits, I thought to myself.  I did reply "Oh," and then said "then maybe you should talk to my attorney..." No response. 

I'm seriously wondering if I will ever see my car, let alone be able to drive it.


  1. i hoping for a better ending to this story than the one i see coming.

  2. The seller faxed the pick up receipt showing that the car was under its own power when it was loaded.

    One of four things have happened:

    1) Someone left the door ajar and the battery got wound down;
    2) All that bouncing around Kingdom Come loosened the wire at the distributor cap or at the coil;
    3) The car was suppossed to have less than .25 tank of gas when shipped. If its really low, and it spent the weekend bouncing around Kingdom Come on the 2,000 mile escapade with its nose up, it shook the gas down of the line so the thing needs primed -or-
    4) Something catastrophic happened or a major system failed and DAS is to blame.

    The car checked out in Alabama, so God knows what happened!