Thursday, September 28, 2023

Going off line, for a short while


Well, here we are waiting for the packers' who didn't show up today. 

Cookie was not pleased. Still ain't ten hours after their expected arrival. 

Why? I don't want to get into it.  Suffice it to say that the head of the moving company was on the phone today apologizing for their fuck up. But he is guaranteeing me that they will be here tomorrow.  He's already peeling back charges. We'll see.

But the people who are crating the uber fragile things were here, busy as bees.  

So something did get done. 

Anyway, from tomorrow on, a cascade of events will take place, including the shutdown of the internet access at this house. Hotels get involved, equipment gets packed away, etc., consuming lots of takeout.  The worst isn't having TV, its watching the boys wander around this house, being very confused by the boxes that are everywhere. (Their toys get thrown in the back of my car while the husband loads them in his for the six-hour drive to N.E. Ohio. They'll get doggy relax pills to take the stress of the move away.)

And then, we give the keys to the new couple buying the house, and we literally drive northwest with the night. 

They say, for the movers, the stressful part is playing packing box Tetris - trying to use every inch of space in the van so nothing goes wrong, gets crushed or flies about.  For owners, the stress happens when they unload the van, put things in the wrong places and whoopsy daisy two legs on that table built by an ancestor in 1790 snapped off and you deal with insurance. 

So you may hear from sooner, or later. I have no idea. But we'll get back online. 


  1. Good luck with the move, and when the dust settles, may you have good luck and happiness in your new home. --Jim

  2. We will be waiting for your arrival...or departure as the case may be. Should I send you some of my endowed houseboys over to help pack and move??? Just breath and this too shall pass toots. Well wishes!

  3. Things do happen. This is a time for the movers/packers to demonstrate good customer service. I work in healthcare management. I had a "service recovery kit." When something unexpected happens you want to capture that negative service/incident and bring it to the positive. I had all kinds of goodies-free coffee, free parking-that was the most appreciated gift-, a meal in the hospital cafeteria My motto was if we are at fault then we eat it. Overbooking physician's schedules, the freebies.... We then evaluate and see what lessons learned we can instill. Let's see if the movers/packers have good service recovery. Just as in healthcare and moving, people have a choice. I always wanted to be their choice for care and demonstrate how we a different from other practices. There are lots of folks doing healthcare these days as with packing and moving. What make you different, standout.

    If we don't hear from Cookie in a few weeks I will send search party.

    Take care of the kids. As you know, they will be in a state of flux.