Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Ohio's beckoned me

The Ohio's (yes, plural, because there is no unified State of anything in Ohio) called my name and I harkened back that "YES! I'm coming..."

The Ohio Genealogical Society had its annual meeting in Columbus, and I will ALWAYS go to that event when it's in Columbus because it's on my home turf.

Cookie is now heading home to Baltimore.  Leaving everything behind that I hold dear, with the exception of my husband, the dogs, and our house, which are in Baltimore.

I shall miss the grocery stores, the pizza, the manageable traffic and that feeling that it is safe to drive just about anywhere, at any time of the day.   Menards, BD's Mongolian BBQ, Hell even Wendy's*.  And the FRIENDS!  ALL. BETTER. IN. OHIO.

The suitcases are loaded down with Ballreich's potato chips.  I wish there were a real way to transport the pizzas and the subs that I ate.

I learned lots and lots about genealogy that I already knew, and remain totally bamboozled by the DNA aspect of it.  I know enough to get through the basics, but the glory of the chromosome browser really escapes me. 

But it also reminds me that Summer travel is already booked up!  Trips back to Ohio, to one Chicago, and one, we hope back to Los Angeles.

*Wendy's in Maryland and northern Virginia are beyond disgusting.  Run down, stark, ancient buildings.  It's so bad that they sued the franchise holder, DavCo, for the region in 2015.   DavCo claims that Wendy's business plans are unrealistic. Well, the outlets are still nasty, with "yellow" roofs - yes, YELLOW.  Unfortunately, nothing has changed, here, while the rest of the country the outlets are, for fast food, fabu.  That tells me it is still in litigation.  So whenever we travel, we scope out a Wendy's for old time sake.   You can read more here, here and here.


  1. when I was living in NoVA, I filled up on philly food and brought plenty back with me whenever I came north. cause ain't nothing like the taste of home.

    many of our wendy's have been demolished and newer brighter joints have been built, with fireplaces, descriptive menu boards, wifi, comfy chairs.

  2. Since I have two homes now, I take Taiwan food back to Ohio, and Ohio food back to Taiwan. This makes both places manageable. Oddly, one of the things I take to America is saltines, which are much better here (actually imported from Italy) and one of the things I bring back is traditional Taiwanese preserved turnips, only available in America.

  3. I grew up and still live in the Cleveland area, and often think I should have got out when I was younger, and who knows what the future may bring, but at least your post makes me feel a little better about having stayed put.

  4. And there nothing like return home sex from the hubby.