Saturday, February 17, 2018

February Blahs

You know, there comes a time every winter where Cookie says "I really have had quite enough of winter."  Today, February 17, 2018, is that day.  Normally it happens earlier in winter, around the first week of January, but I was distracted by the week in Los Angeles.

I am just at the point where I am tired of the cold, I am tired of the wet, I am tired of snow, and I am tired of people hunkered down in their homes finding something to do other than listen to more and more news about the mess in Washington, or children being slaughtered by guns and Wayne LaPierre.

About the only thing that polite people can talk about these days is the Oxford Comma, in support of, or against.

Really, this is getting to us all.  We need the first of March, the second official day of spring in Cookie's Calendar of Annual Events to happen. (The first, if you missed it is Ground Hog Day.)

I keep telling myself that you only have 12 more days to March, less than two weeks.  Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday, then Monday and so forth and so on.  "Never wish away time," my mother would say. 

But Cookie is looking forward to his (gulp) 56th spring on earth. 


  1. baseball season started this week; that makes me happy. winter can FOAD already! so can the NRA!

    1. JFC, WTF IS THAT PIX? nightmare fuel!

    2. If the fabulous Leigh Bowery had kids, dressed for winter...that would be them.

    3. They look like knitted Cybermen - and much scarier than the original article!

  2. Spring traditionally starts here when we have the first daffodils (and forsythia) in bloom - which usually coincides with 1st March (St David's Day, which is marked in Wales by the wearing of a daffodil, or, more traditionally, a leek). So, yes (although we do have one rather sad-looking daff opening in our new garden) - roll on March! Jx

  3. I haven't minded winter. I have just been listening to classical, eating and having sex and sleeping. Been jolly good fun.

  4. Traditionally, we still have snowstorms the first week in April.