Saturday, April 1, 2017

TMI Time: A spoonful of sugar doesn't stop the backdoor trots

So you may have been asking, where has Cookie been and what has he been up to.

Well, my dears, no sooner than clean up from Winter Storm Stella began when I became horridly, horribly sick with a stomach thing.

And it's not for the squeamish.

If you will remember, the doctors removed two feet of colon from me in the fall of 2014 because of diverticular disease.  And when they perform that operation, they reconnect all that plumbing, but they also remove the ligament that the squatty potty is supposed to help you stretch so you can poop like a prince.

One of the side effects is that without that ligament, your need to go becomes, shall we say, urgent and wildly unpredictable until you learn to listen to the body and figure out the triggers.

All well and good when everything is rosey, but when something stops interferes - like a stomach flu or something you ate or continue to eat becomes an issue, well then, all bets are off.

About two weeks ago, I change something in my diet, and the culprit did a number on me.

 So I started an elimination diet, basackwards as usually.  In an elimination diet, you stop eating everything but a single, bland, low waste food, like baked chicken breast for a week, and then slowly add in one thing, then the next, each time looking for the foods that make you sick.

Well the way I do it, you continue eating everything, except one item, which goes away every couple days until you start to get better.

Well, three days ago, we hit paydirt, so to speak.

And you will never guess what it was.  Something good for you, and something I have used for over two years without a single problem: Mega Red Krill Oil supplements.  Within 24 hours the problem cleared up.

Still, it bothered me - why now, why after all these years - that's over 720 pills.  I mean I love the product.

The husband looked at the bottle, and it was in date.  "Didn't you start using this bottle about two weeks ago?"


Then the husband opened up the bottle and a smell unlike any other came out from the opening.  It smelled of rotting fish.  But this bottle is rancid.  "Smells like Lake Erie, before the EPA."

You see I started on the Mega Red because it had no smell, no fishy burps.  But it has done wonders for my cholesterol numbers.  Jeez oh Pete!  Dropped me well below the unhealthly threshold.

So when we go to the store tomorrow, we're buying a different bottle, a different lot, and we're going to see if it goes down without a hitch.  If the other bottle is bad, then we'll call the maker on Monday.

As a public service, I should tell you that you should eat more fiber.  The fiber crisis in our diets has been a terrible thing - it is over 100 years old.  No shit.  So really, eat more fiber.  It really could save your life, and keep you from a semicolon life like I lead.

So remember what the doctor says "Fiber makes it Fluffy!"


  1. well shit! hope you feel better soon, cookie!

  2. And I do love my fibers. I do hope the trots are getting better, Maybe you should have gone to Ascot this year.

  3. The Mistress has long time been a big fan of fibre, in its many forms, thanks to good parenting.

    You have enough going on in your life without adding THIS to the pile. Here's to a healthier future.

  4. Pursuing, as I do, a very low-carb diet, almost all the carbs I do eat are high fiber. When it comes to regularity, Big Ben has nothing on me.

    (Speaking of TMI...)

  5. Sorry to hear about your digestive issues. I have crohn's so I understand. Humira and at first Remicade seems to have beat back the crohn's. My doctor said if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes 15 or 20 years ago, he wouldn't diagnose me with crohn's today. I was so worried that I'd have to have a similar surgery and in talking to other people who had had it, it seemed to me that the crohn's came right back where things joined. I remember well that when in a new place the first thing I looked for was a Men's Room. Flying was a terror because as you say, you never know when but you know it's now. Seems to me the pill thing is very unusual and worth contacting the manufacturer to inquire/complain. Maybe you'll get a lifetime supply. I hope you're feeling better.