Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Overheard at the grocery: From the mouths of *babes*

Overheard this at the grocery store, yesterday:

Young woman 1: "It cray-cray that I gotta take an English test to see how well I speak English. I mean, its England. Don't they speak the shit we do?"

Young woman 2: "Bitch, who you kidding. Nobody here in Bawlimore understands you either. And you wanna be nurse there? Bitch that mouth of yours, over there, gonna kill someone."

Today, I had the same cashier, Danielle, and I asked her if she remembered the conversation from yesterday. 

"Oh, yeah.  The one who was bitchin' about having to take a test on her verbal skills was applying for a nursing position in England."

OY!  Mates!  You've been warned. 


  1. I saw this on The Facebook and it cracked me up ... because I've heard similar conversations here in Smallville.

    1. If you knew the market where it happened, you would be even more surprised

  2. lawd a-mighty! bitch gonna have hard times in england!

  3. She'll need to learn the local patois and customs to get on in the NHS, sweeties. Let's hope she doesn't end up in Newcastle. Jx

  4. I can remember when I used to come down to Baltimore often. The conversations I have heard places including the Lexington Square Market were very entertaining.