Saturday, April 29, 2017

More stuff you shouldn't have to eat

Today we present another issue of MORE stuff you shouldn't have to eat. 

JELL-O'hell you don't.  But it's the soup, er, salad course.  Better thing are surly to follow, right?

And just what is that second layer.  Congealed tallow?   

This is so menage a tois.  First of all, the layout caused the descriptions to get all screwy, so the Moussaka is mated to the Corned Beef Loaf, etc. indicating that someone in layout had to be drinking at lunch.  And speaking of that Corned Beef Loaf, a spinal cord in your dinner is never a good idea. 

QUICK!  The Ham Mousse fortress, surrounded by the ham joints ("Dude."), is under attack by deviled eggs and ham.  Note that the hard boiled egg vessels are piped in TWO colors.  Not one.  Not three.  But two, for two is the magic number.  

And for dessert, this.  Whatever it is, it looks bad.  So whip it.  Whip it real good.


  1. Didn't your mother teach you always to finish your spinal columns? Or perhaps you prefer spinal fluid sauce, as in this clip of the best alien vomit scene ever, from Bad Taste:

    "Aren't I lucky! I got a chunky bit!" I'm sure that's exactly what the people were saying who were served the above recipes.

  2. As I have yet to think about what's for sinner tonight, I took a gander at this post and decided a fast is a good thing!

  3. I'm sure they are all - cough! - delicious. Jx