Saturday, January 7, 2017

West With the Night

And we are on the road again, to the Ohio's.   This time to Central and North Central regions.

Received word from a cousin that another cousin, in his mid 80's is nearing the end of his life.

No need for sympathies.

I love Jim - he is as good and gentle and bright and kind as they come.  He's also 84.  So when he transitions to the next big adventure, it will be for good reason, and a well deserved rest.

And I am going now because I want to spend some more time with this lovely man, his wonderful wife and our mutual cousin, instead of waiting and go back and give another eulogy.  2017 is about the living.  

Do I need to go?  On one hand, no.  The average person would say that he and I are far enough in age apart, and generations that a card would do.   My mother would say "Save the gas."

One the other hand, 2016 was such a year of being beat up by fates, Cookie has said "screw that!"

Cookie has decided that if you wait for good things to happen, they will pass you by.  So 2017 is the year of going and doing and finding enjoyment instead of sitting around and waiting for it.

This of course means driving, which means winter roads and ugh, no one likes that.  So while I normally would jump into the car and away we go, there is some inkling of the weather, and I commit to doing this in a sane, careful manner.   Which means the seven hour trip may last 10, with more stops and slower speeds.

And because it gets dark sooner at night, it also means driving to Ohio means going west with the night, which by the way is the title of a wonderful memoir by Beryl Markham, the Anglo-African pilot who was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic flying east to west.  Of course, I plan arriving safely - poor Beryl had to ditch her flight in Nova Scotia.  Still, if you haven't read it, go find it and enjoy it.

So I am up in one day, spend the day with Jim, and then I will return on Wednesday.


  1. You're a very good cousin.

    Sometime I'll have to tell you my Beryl Markham story. My brother's really, as he's the one who knew her...

  2. Your a good egg Cookie! Winter driving can be fun and very pretty when done with care. It's the others I worry of. Have a good visit and I'm sure your cousin will enjoy it too.

  3. Safe travels! I just read Circling the Sun a few months ago - Beryl's early story (before she became herself)!