Friday, January 20, 2017

Let the three ring circus begin

We have Elephants in the White House, so why not a Clown at the Inaugural?

And the best part?

1. It's Gucci designed - so Smellyanne used a foreign designer when her boss is bullying about bragging about forcing U.S. Manufacturers to stay in the U.S.

2) The buttons are brass CAT HEADS.

3) You read No. 2 correctly - CAT HEADS

4) This is a Saturday Night Live sketch in real life.


  1. "smellyanne" - LOVE IT! she looks and smells like cat shit.

    actually, my cat's shit piles look BETTER than she does!

  2. And just because it is Gucci, doesn't mean it should come off a hanger.

  3. She wore a (really crap) $3,600 jacket to laud a man who pledges to repeal something called the Affordable Care Act. Says it all, really. I am glad I am not American. Jx

  4. "This is what happens when gays won't dress you" made my day.

    Inauguration Day was her 50th birthday. She probably thinks she is the REAL First Lady.