Friday, January 6, 2017

This epiphany is not my catharsis.

Well kids, do you know what I LOVE to do more than anything? Take down the Christmas tree!


And the tree in the picture isn't even this years tree.  Its the tree from two years ago, when we were in the old house.   Before the dogs destroyed the upholstery on the antique settee.

While two can put up a tree, only one at a time can take it down.  Other wise its a two hour encounter of confusion and chaos.

I know which boxes the fragile red ornaments go in.  I know that there were four, now there are three.

I also know that if I find two of them, the husband will find the third and wander off with the box saying "Did we break two more of these?"

So tomorrow, it falls to me to take it down so everything ends up in the correct boxes, then it gets packed into their tubs, then into the crawl space until next year.

And get this kids, as of today March 25th, the date of the Annunciation is only 77 days in the future.

Such is the circle of life.


  1. photo may be 2 years old, but it's still a good one.

  2. That is quite a beautiful setting. But I find it hard to believe those two cuties destroyed the upholstery on the antique settee. I took my finery down this week. It was ready, but now it feels rather empty, clean, but empty.